Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Documenting Life || Water Table Fun

After an unintentional three month hiatus, I am back...maybe.  Life is busy.  The spring and summer months have proven to be especially busy and we have really enjoyed our adventures outside.  This summer is a complete 180 from last summer (hallelujah!) and I am so thankful for the difference a year makes - more on that another time.

In efforts to get better pictures of my baby turned toddler and our loved ones, I have been learning the ins and outs of my camera (finally!) and, as you can see, I never lack in models to practice on.  I love documenting life and the smiles that come with looking back on these days.

Outdoor play is so important!  The fresh air, vitamin D and a little bit of dirt have a way of igniting the imagination and practically guarantee a good nights sleep.  PLUS what is better than playing outside in the water?!  So we got the water table out earlier this summer and played for hours. 

Some enjoyed the water more than others and one little girl couldn't get close enough - she wanted it so bad she crawled right in!