Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Freedom Tour 2013

2013 will be a hard one to beat.  We didn't plan the freedom tour when we started but after writing a bucket list of adventures in January, we figured why not.  We didn't know when kids would come and had worked hard to save up money so 2013 was chosen as the year to play.  It was perfect timing and the memories will last a lifetime.

Freedom Tour 2013 looked a little like this...a trip to Pasadena with my best to celebrate her birthday

Beer and baseball at Harbor Park

DC for the Cherry Blossom Festival

San Antonio for Fiesta

Denver for the Child Life Conference

Charlottesville for my birthday

Sandbridge with the fam

Arlington to celebrate life

Charleston for our anniversary

Concerts at the amphitheater 

Williamsburg....sometimes just for our favorite restaurant, Food for thought

A little fishing

And wrapped it up with a big trip to PA

Now we are ready to welcome 2014 and the new adventures coming our way!

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