Sunday, April 7, 2013

Welcome Springtime



One of my favorite things is the warmth of spring.  I love to play and explore outside.  This was a beautiful weekend in southern VA and a perfect weekend to play outside!
Jared's parents came to visit so we spent our time outside enjoying the sunshine. Since we live close to the beach and most of our family live in Pennsylvania we have visitors a lot and I love it. When people come to visit it is another excuse for me to think like a tourist and plan fun things for our visitors to do.
On Saturday we went to Colonial Williamsburg for the day, Sunday we enjoyed the sunshine at the baseball game, and then ended the weekend with a wonderful bike ride.


  1. Welcome to the Blogging World! Can't wait to read along with your adventures!! You are such a good activity planner. You can plan all my weekends and vacations :) Love you!

    1. PS I LOVE that picture of you and Jared :)

  2. Blogging is so fun....I'm sure you'll be great at it!
    Love you!