Thursday, July 18, 2013

Saying Goodbye....

This week I was reminded of the importance of saying goodbye.  We say goodbye at the end of a work day, when we hang up the phone and before a trip.  It is an important part of relationship and communication.  Saying goodbye signifies the end of one experience, but leaves room for the hope of a new experience.  Ultimately, saying goodbye shows connection and the value of the human interaction.

Most of the time we saw goodbye with the hope of saying hello in the future.  Sometimes, however, we say goodbye to signify finality or termination.  In these times we recognize something significant has happened in our life and we remember what was and wonder what will be.  Regardless of the situation, a missed opportunity can lead to regret, hurt feelings, sadness, mistrust, and anger. 

Part of being a child life specialist is making sure that those opportunities are not missed.  So I explain the importance of saying goodbye and provide the resources to do it in a way that is meaningful.

Sometimes the best way to say goodbye is in writing a letter or video journaling.  This is a way to have all those racing thoughts in one place and create a lasting legacy or signify the value of a connection.

Creating a lasting memory that can be worn or kept close can help a connection remain strong.  A sinus rhythm print out and a little modge podge can create a bead for on a necklace or bracelet that shows the importance of life.

Saying goodbye can be forgetting, but it can also be remembering.  Saying goodbye can bring freedom, life and a new start.  A balloon release or planting a garden can signify the importance of saying goodbye and the hope for what is to come.

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  1. I love this post! Every time I see balloons I think about a funeral I went to. Such a touching sentiment.