Friday, May 16, 2014

Organic Raspberry Leaf Tea

My sister gave me this wonderful gift a few weeks ago and I cannot get enough!  This week I have spent entirely to much time in bed due to a bad cold, but this tea has helped soothe my throat, can decrease fever, tastes yummy and has many benefits for women - I could not resist sharing!  

I know you can buy the tea here and here, but I am sure it can be found many other places.

The benefits of this tea for women's health is outstanding.  While it can help with cramps and regulating periods, I am currently most excited about the extensive benefits during pregnancy and postpartum which include:

~Easing morning sickness

~Relaxing muscles of the uterus during contractions

~Strengthening uterine muscles (to prepare for labor AND tget you back to pre-baby weight after delivery)

~Decreasing bleeding postpartum

~Increasing breast milk supply

I found even more benefits under the resource section here.  And while I have been drinking it as hot tea with honey, I am excited to freeze it and use the ice chips during labor!  Organic raspberry leaf can be consumed by tea bag, tablet or loose leaf tea.  It should be utilized most heavily during the third trimester and, as always, consult your midwife or doctor before using during pregnancy (especially during the first trimester).  I have noticed more movement and more Braxton Hicks (never more than four in one hour), but I am also 35 weeks and other factors could have come into play including cold medication, natural sugar from the honey I have added to the tea and my decreased activity due to being sick.

**I have not been compensated for my review of this product and this post is completely my own opinion, about my own experiences**

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