Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Planning Ahead to Play

 When parents play with their children they are building a nurturing, trusting relationship that can last a lifetime.  With one child it is easy to find time and space to play, but when you add a newborn or multiple children that ease slips away.  Suddenly there is more to think about, even less free time and siblings can often play together which leaves parents utilizing that time for other responsibilities.  Playing with your children as a family, as well as, individually must be a conscious decision that, often, takes planning and a little effort.  But trust me, if that effort is made it will be totally worth it!

I continue to be completely amazed by my sister and the lessons I learn from her about parenting and play.  This weekend she was telling me that her house looked like a tornado had gone through it.  I told her to forget about it and reminded her that she could clean when she is old.  But what she said next stuck with me and continues to be on my mind...she said she needed to clean up so her and her 3 year old had space to play while her newborn was napping.

What a powerful idea...plan ahead to create a safe play space.  She knew having the living room full of toys, clothes, the mail, diaper bag, etc. would overwhelm her and overstimulate her toddler which would not allow for a meaningful play time.  So by planning ahead and making the effort, she was able to enjoy play time and showed her son that he was worth her time and energy!

Now this type of interaction may not be feasible every day and certainly life gets busy, but this type of love and dedication to your children makes me excited for my own little to arrive and gives me hope that good ol' fashioned play time is not obsolete.

What new and exciting ways are you finding to engage your children in play?

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