Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Celebration of Life

Today we celebrated the life of a man whose work ethic and dedication to his family created a legacy that will never be matched, but can be worked toward and respected.  In 83 years of life, he worked hard even if that meant being away from his family and gave up simple pleasures to provide for his wife and children.  In the end, however, the stories that were shared were not about his work or the amount of money he made, he didn't talk about his stressors or plans than never came to fruition.  Instead, he told stories about time he spent with his children and grandchildren, fond memories of restoring the old farm house and the joys of teaching the boys skills to fix and create with their own two hands.  As time slowed down, the most important thing was to be surrounded by family and know the love that had been there through it all.

We will miss Jared's grandfather, but we are thankful for the time we had with him and the reminder of the blessings in life that really matter.

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