Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Group Play

What a wonderful afternoon in the playroom!  I was able to get a PICU patient up to the playroom which is a rare occasion as few of my patients are able to do this.  It was a perfect afternoon, creating with energetic school age girls.  

One of the very creative child life specialists I work with came up with the idea to do a group project--the button tree.  This has been a very popular activity lately and these girls were up for the challenge.  We all chose our favorite buttons and took turns adding them to the tree.  While there may not be an obvious therapeutic goal for the button tree, I would say our goals today

1. Engaging patients with differing physical abilities
2. Promoting group work
3. Encouraging normalization of the hospital

were a success!  This was a reminder of the great work that is child life and the happiness that comes from seeing a sick child feel empowered through play.  

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