Monday, March 16, 2015

If you resent it...

Dr. Sears is a well-known man who people love and love to hate.  He brings a lot of controversy into conversations and, while I do not agree with all of his ideas and theories, I had a bit of an ah-ha moment after reading an article he had written about high-needs babies.  In the article he encourages parents to do what feels right to them in order to ease into parenthood and the relationship with baby naturally.  In the article he made the following statement:

"If you resent it, change it"

Those words have been resonating with me for weeks.  It really can be that simple.  Do what works for you and change what doesn't.  I don't believe change is easy or quick, but I do believe this outlook can empower us in life and lead to less complaining which often leads to happiness, peace and a content spirit.

So keep up the good work, do what works and change what doesn't.

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