Monday, May 6, 2013

Happy Nurses Week!

In my job, I am so blessed to work with amazing nurses everyday!  PICU nurses have a special place in my heart because of my love for that unit and because I have seen firsthand the amazing things these nurses do to save the lives of the most innocent human beings.  To see a nurse hold a mom who is waiting for her baby to get out of surgery or a nurse sitting in a kid size chair coloring with a patient whose family can't be with him makes the world a better place.  These men and women love and care for complete strangers and give of themselves for 12 long hours, just to go home and care for their own families before coming back to do it all over again.  Thank you to all the nurses who have helped mold me, support me, and allow me to be a part of your team.  I am forever grateful!

And because we know a sense of humor will make all the difference...

Happy Nurses Week!
How has a nurse made a difference in your life?

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