Sunday, September 8, 2013

Happy Anniversary My Love

This summer has been rather busy.  Thank you for sticking around even through my sporadic posts.  I have taken some time to relax and I have even read a few books that have nothing to do with counseling, play therapy, or theory!  But something about September (maybe my many years of school) makes me search for a little routine, which will include more blogging and a little organizing!

We have been married for 3 years and we have been together for 7 whole years!  A lot has changed in that 7 years and sometimes I look back and laugh (but that's another post, for another day).  This year, to celebrate our anniversary, we took a trip to Charleston, SC and explored the beautiful city.

Charleston is beautiful!  I loved all the little shops and traditions of the city.  We ate some really yummy food including brunch which is a must when visiting this Souther gem.

One evening we visited the beautiful and exclusive Kiawah Island for dinner and an outdoor concert.

I think the best part was spending the whole time together! 
Here's to many more years of adventure!

How do you celebrate love?  Even though it's nice to get away, don't forget to take time everyday to celebrate the love in your life.

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