Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Diamond in the Rough

It's no shock that since I have moved, I have been less than pleased with the opportunities in the area.  It wonderful being near family, but I miss friends and my beach.  The negative degree temperatures and snow have not helped me ease into this change one bit.  But the snow has melted and with spring right around the corner, I have found a glimmer of hope {a few glimmers of hope, but that's for another day}.

This little store along Rt 11 in Danville, PA is a true gem.  Outside there are all sorts of old items...shutters, windows, crates, etc.  I went searching for an old door and left with an excitement for decorating my entire house with the treasures they have within their four walls.  The owners are so sweet and went above and beyond to welcome each person who walked in the door.  Everything from letters, wreaths, ribbon and chalk boards to jewelry, candles and clothes makes this store feel like a real treasure hunt!  I can't wait to finish the renovations in the house we I can go back for more!  If you come to visit, you better believe I will take you there at least once!

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