Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My Calling

I never considered myself "called" to be a mom.  Of course it is a great gift and a wonderful blessing, but a calling?  I am called to work with children and families, to encourage others and provide support during crisis - except I'm not.  Since we moved I haven't been able to find a job, despite applying for so many that some organizations may be tired of seeing my name.  At first this was terribly frustrating.  I enjoy working and I feel a sense of accomplishment when I contribute to our family financially.  Working outside my home must be my calling since it brings me great joy - except it's not.

So instead of applying for random jobs and feeling frustrated in my lack of employment, I have had this wonderful opportunity to learn in a way I never imagined.  I may be good at working, but that is not my calling.  God has showed me a different calling, one that I knew all along, but never thought was enough in the world.  I am called to be a child of the King.  This calling looks different at different stages of life.  Before, when I was working, I was called to be employed - supporting strangers and being an example of God's love during crisis.  In this season, I am called to learn to love my husband unconditionally {which currently looks like me cooking food I would never eat because it's his favorite!} and make our house a place of rest even through the chaos of renovations.  I am called to carry this baby and be a mom to her in a few short months.  I am called to be a friend and be available when others need me.  

My calling right now may look a little different on the outside than it did a few months ago, but it's really the same calling with different surroundings.  I am called to be a child of the King and to do {whatever I am doing} to bring honor and glory to His name.  I am called to be a mom because He has provided me with the opportunity to carry a baby which is a great blessing and that {I am told} will never stop being my calling.

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