Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Play as an escape

Children play to express themselves, understand their world and escape an over stimulating experience.  Play is a stress relief and it brings joy - never pain.  Children are able to use play for daily enjoyment and to get through hard times.

Since buying a house and deciding to do some major renovations, my husband and I have found less time to play together.  We used to travel, hike, explore and create on a regular basis.  We are in a different season of life now and I found myself searching for new ways to be playful.  When I thought about the purpose of play for children, I came to a new understanding for myself.  I had to consider what would provide me with expression, understanding and an escape?  How could I find joy and relief from stress when life had become so busy?

Personally, I can find these things through the retreat that is about to be my patio.  This is a place Jared and I can enjoy the beautiful weather, take a break from the craziness inside our home and spend quality time together.  We decided to start with chairs that would offer the quickest opportunity for retreat.  I cannot wait to share our new play space when it's finished!

Where do you find relief from stress and an escape from the craziness of life? 

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