Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Prayer of a Tired Mama

Dear Lord,
Thank you for this day and for helping us to make it through, I was so tired but you gave me the energy I needed.........{I wonder if she will sleep through the night, I really need to fall asleep fast}...Please be with this sweet baby.  Keep her healthy and help her to have peaceful sleep......{I wonder what I should do about nap time, surely she should be napping more than 30 minutes at a stretch but honestly if I look at one more sleep blog}.....please help me to know how to be a good parent to her....{Did I get the laundry out of the drier.  Shoot I think there is some in the washer AND the drier.  I should go get it....nah I will try again tomorrow}.....Thank you for my amazing husband who works so hard to provide for us.  Help him to get good sleep......{but if she wakes up it would be nice for him to wake up with me.  Why would he do that?  We both shouldn't be awake}. Please keep us all healthy........{if Ebola comes here we should move to the mountains, I should tell Jared that}.  And please help my mind to slow down enough to get some peaceful sleep.  Thank you for your love and provision.  Amen.

One of the best, most surprising miracles I have experienced since becoming a mom is God's grace. Even when my mind wanders and I feel completely empty, He gives me just enough to carry on.

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