Monday, December 15, 2014

Why Breastfeeding Is The Lazy Choice

*this post is not a judgemental suggestion that one method of feeding is better than another! I support all parents who choose to feed their babies...this is ONLY a sarcastic reaction to a personal experience*

An acquaintance recently asked how my 6 month old was eating.  When I explained I was {still} breastfeeding {and it is going well} she was obviously surprised, but attempted to show her support by saying, "well that really is the easiest choice", as if I am choosing to breastfeed only out of ease or convenience.  I considered this statement objectively {of course} and realized that breastfeeding is, in fact, not only the easy and convenient choice, but also it is actually the completely lazy choice.

So here are my lazy reasons for choosing to breastfeed...

I don't pay for my child's food with money.  Sure I spend half my life either nursing or working around her eating schedule and spend more in groceries because of my {huge} increase in appetite, but I don't actually buy my child's food so I never have to go to the store to get more - lazy and cheap.

My child's food supply does not run out and does not require extra space so it is easy to pack food for a trip or outing. Of course, she cannot go far without me and since no one else can feed her, I have sole responsibility for her nourishment...what a relief for my husband who knows he can easily get away and can easily sleep through the night.

A Natural Sleep Agent
I know {without much doubt} that my child will fall asleep if she needs a nap, it's bedtime or she wakes up in the middle of the night if I nurse, even just for a few minutes to comfort her to sleep.  And, at night, I am even so lazy as to not get out of bed or even sit up at times when I feed her.

An Effortless Exercise Routine
I do not go to the gym, but I know I will burn 1,000 calories a day just by feeding my baby.

A Standing Excuse
I can use breastfeeding as an excuse to leave any event, step away from any situation and reject any invitation by claiming a need for privacy...especially now that she is nosey and requires a semi-quiet atmosphere without many distractions.

The Perfect Reason to Sit on my rear
Even on the craziest of days, I am not only encouraged, but actually required to take a break to sit with my baby...just the two of us for as long as she needs...lazy, lazy, lazy.

What are your lazy reasons for feeding your baby???

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