Thursday, January 15, 2015

My Baby is Spoiled

I hear the phrase, "if you do {such and such} you will only spoil her", too often for my liking.  At first I just got so annoyed because it was always advice I did not want or ask for.  Now, instead of getting upset, I embrace it.  I am proud to say I am the mother of a completely spoiled 7 month old!

She is picked up every time she cries
She knows that, when she is in need, someone will come to her aid.  She trusts her parents and thinks the world is safe.

She is fed on demand
She is able to nurse as needed - whether she is hungry, tired, overstimulated or just in need of some cuddles.

She is held during most naps
She needs sleep to stay healthy and strong, but she has a hard time staying asleep during nap time if she isn't being held so the people she trusts help make sure she gets the sleep she needs.

She is carried at least part of the day
The days are long and sometimes it nice to just be close - baby carriers were made to make that dream a reality.

She has every toy she wants
She has toys for teething, toys to reach new milestones and toys that teach her and, so far, hasn't complained.

If spoiled means a well-adjusted, healthy baby who knows she is loved and can trust those who care for her, then I am proud to say my baby is spoiled!  I do not think that our way of parenting is the only way or the best way, but it feels right to us so we are going to stick with it.  If your way looks different, but your baby is loved and cared for then keep up the good work!!!!  I think the world would be a better place if it was full of spoiled infants.

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