Monday, March 31, 2014

Homeowner Lessons

While we are extremely excited to be homeowners, we have found our little projects seem to reveal big messes.  When redoing the bathroom, Jared found a soft spot in the wall.  He, of course, investigated and found that there had been a leak at some point which had not been disclosed to us.  Further investigation showed us a huge mess that we will now spend days fixing, which will put us a little behind on the nursery.  

I am sure you expect me to be freaking out, but surprisingly, I am feeling ok.  I feel terrible for Jared as he now has even more on his plate, but lately I have found the joy in not stressing about those things I have no control over and I hope that feeling sticks around!

If you are buying a house or have recently bought a home, my biggest piece of advice is to look out for water and take it seriously.  Water is a wonderful thing, but when it is going into something it shouldn't it can cause big problems.  Search for the problems and fix them immediately!  I am so thankful for a husband who knows how to fix things and will not settle for a temporary fix. 

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