Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ring Sling

As my friends and family know, choosing products for my baby has not been an easy or fun task for me.  I do not enjoy clutter and I become overwhelmed when things fill up a space, so the idea of looking through a million strollers, toys, clothes, etc. in search of the perfect items has left me feeling exhausted {pregnant lady problems}.  I try to live by the following quote:

That being said, I know there will be things my baby will NEED and things that make life a lot easier if I have them.  I am so thankful to have experts {especially my mom and sister} surrounding me, to give me helpful advice and to lead me through the entire process.

One of the products I have recently learned that I will NEED in my new adventure of motherhood is a ring sling.  My sister taught me how to use her ring sling and she even allowed me to practice with my niece before my own little arrives.  I was a little nervous at first but found it to be extremely comfortable and efficient.  I am excited to wear my baby and enjoy the benefits of that chest-to-chest contact. 

The ring sling has a long tail that some find annoying, but I think it was great to have something to protect the baby's head from the metal rings and it was also long enough that it could conceal when breast feeding if needed.  

This product can be bought on etsy {again, to many choices}, but there are also several tutorials on pinterest to make your own.  My sister says that if she could only have one carrier, she would choose the ring sling for its simplicity, efficiency and versatility.

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