Sunday, November 16, 2014

5 Things Every New Mom Should Stock Up On Before Cold Season

You know the commercial where a dad asks for a sick day, but of course he doesn't get it...instead he gets a huge dose of cold medicine and a smile.  It's funny until it's you.  Not so funny anymore.  And you know what else isn't funny?  Breast feeding moms can't take that particular medicine so what do they get? A sticker? A popsicle?  Because we all know they aren't getting an uninterrupted night sleep to fight off that nasty cold.

I am just getting over one of the worst colds of my life.  It knocked me down for a week and, trust me, it was not pretty.  Not only am I the world's ugliest sick person, but add in exhaustion from not sleeping in five months, a selfish sense of entitlement and overall grumpiness toward the world in general - you can imagine the hot mess my husband came home to everyday.  

Now all you veteran moms can laugh or stop reading because you have been there, done that.  But try to remember the first time you were sick as a new mom and don't send too much judgement my way.  But to all the new moms who haven't gotten sick yet, prepare now

Here are the top 5 things you should have on hand before sickness strikes....

1.  Tissues - don't mess around, splurge for the ones with lotion but if they invent tissues plus a local anesthetic forget all other means of blowing your nose and jump head first into those bad boys

2.  Cough drops - these serve three purposes which include a cough suppressant, relief from a sore throat and a bad breath cover-up from cold breath OR forgetting to brush your teeth {maybe have these handy for everyday use}

3.  A comfy pillow - if by some great miracle you are able to lay down, you should have the most magical pile of fluff to rest your head on, but we all know that is not likely so you might as well have a nice pillow on that unmade bed in case anyone is bold enough to come nosing around while you are sick

4.  A bottle of wine - if you already have a stuffy nose, watery eyes and congested lungs why not add a dizzy head

5.  A clone of yourself - with this clone you will have all the time you need to rest and will not actually need items 1 through 4 at all.  Of course if you are able to clone yourself, you probably are also able to fight off infection like a super hero and shouldn't have even read this post to begin with.

Best of luck this cold season my fellow warriors!

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