Thursday, November 20, 2014

Making a Christmas Wish List

Remember when you were little and that magical piece of mail came to your house?  If your mom was smart she waited to show you till Saturday morning because it was guaranteed to give an hour or two of peace and quiet.  And once it was in your hands there was no going back.  With that magazine and a pen you would run off to circle "just a few things" you might like to open on Christmas morning.  After carefully looking over your options, maybe reviewing first and then going back a second time, you knew at least half the book should be yours this Christmas and you prepared your list.  

It's that time of the year.  Children and adults are making their wish lists in preparation for whoever puts those gifts under the tree.  Now imagine you made that list but had no one to give it to...  Or you got the most wonderful gift, but had no one to share it with...  It's not quite as magical, huh?  Actually preparing, making the list, looking through the magazine - it would all be a waste.  

What if you had to choose between only receiving one gift, but you had someone who loved you so much that she couldn't wait to share in your happiness and use that one gift to make lasting memories OR you could have a room full of gifts, but not one single person to love you or share in your joy...  

Most adults would choose love and memories over gifts.  Children are the same way.  Sure our society has brainwashed us into thinking material items = love, but when it comes down to it, human beings need and desire human connection more than anything else.

This year choose memories over money and experiences over excess.  Make new traditions, keep old traditions and take time to enjoy the people around you - most importantly, don't let this holiday slip by without taking time to PLAY!

What is your favorite holiday memory?

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