Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Family Vacation to Virginia Beach

Two weeks ago we went on our first little family vacation.  Despite all the anxiety leading up to the trip, it actually went remarkably well.  We have survived on a strict schedule for 4 months which has worked well in creating a lovely, peaceful relationship between mommy and baby.  We do not have the spontaneous baby that is up for anything and will sleep anywhere so taking her on this road trip was a little unnerving.  She also does not have the best record in the car so a 7 hour drive seemed a little scary.

After being reminded by a dear friend to take a deep breath, we over packed the car and arrived without even a hiccup.  She did great and was semi-flexible throughout the entire trip!  We learned the importance of attempting to maintain our schedule regardless of our plans and we all decided we miss the beach and our friends {maybe a trip right before winter wasn't the best idea}. 

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