Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Creating Holiday Memories In The Hospital

Creating a festive backdrop for pictures is an easy way to provide some normalcy within the hospital and a unique opportunity for parents to have a picture without the typical hospital equipment taking away from their beautiful little one.

What you will need:

2 white sheets (one to cover the wall and another for the floor)
       I used streamers, a banner and paper fans, which I found for less than $5

Use a wall where the most natural light is behind the photographer and (in a well lit room) don't use the flash because this will often create shadows or make pictures too bright.  Consider the size of the children who will primarily be using the space when hanging decorations - if the decorations are too high they may be cut out of the picture or if they are to low they may seem misplaced.   

If a quality camera and printer are available, pictures could be taken for holiday activities or just to ensure each family has a copy.  It is also the perfect opportunity to let mom and dad take pictures with their phones, tablets, etc.  Just remember, not every parent is as comfortable with taking pictures so don't be afraid to assist especially when it comes to filling up the space and getting down so you are level with the child.
Plan ahead so you can leave the backdrop up for a few days - this way patients and families can come at a time that works best for them and bring festive clothes if they want/are able, but have some props or save items from donations for families who do not have the option of returning home for clothes.  And, since this activity is so easy and low cost, it can be taken bedside when isolation precautions are a factor.

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