Tuesday, February 24, 2015

How To Find Your Own Success

Yesterday I missed a call from a dear friend.  I wasn't able to call her back right away, but I am almost glad I missed it because I could literally feel her excitement through her voicemail and it was contagious (plus it gave me time to think).  At the end of the voicemail she asked me this -   

If you could do anything in the world, what would it be? What would you need? And what would that look like?

I used to have 100 things I could spout off and give 100 reasons why each was a good idea.  I knew what it would look like and exactly what I needed to achieve each great idea.  Before I had a baby, I was doing it all.  I was working toward many of my professional goals {and everyone else's goals} and the sky was my limit.  I would have argued that I could do anything I wanted to do and I truly believed that nothing and no one could get in my way.

Lately I have had a shift in the way I view success and happiness.  In some ways becoming a mom has left me feeling like a super hero.  I mean this is the hardest work I could do and I am in awe of what I am capable of.  But in other ways I am much more aware of my strengths and weaknesses - I no longer believe that I could or should do anything I want to.

One of my favorite blogger/photographers recently wrote about finding that 'sweet spot' where your skills, passions and opportunities all meet.  It is in that place that a person will truly be successful.  She posted the picture below and it has stuck with me all week. 

I am still thinking about what that one thing would be for myself, but suddenly I feel a sense of relief {truly} knowing that I was not made to do it all, instead I can focus on that 'sweet spot' and do it well.  But it's not just about me.  You see we are all in a position where we can encourage others {spouse, children, siblings, friends, etc.} to live in that success as well!

It is often difficult to see our own skills and talents, but those things are easily spotted by a parent, spouse or best friend.  Ask around and find out what you are known for and see if those things are being used everyday.  If the answer is yes then you are probably happy in your work and feel successful, but if the answer is no, you may feel like something is missing.

What would you do if you could do anything?  What's stopping you?

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